Thursday, May 6, 2010


On May 1st 2010…
A very battled soldier reached a
goal so much greater than life itself.

At 7:00 AM that day..
The Lord Jesus Christ took him home.

Bro. Harold (Donnie) Dunnings.

Tonight I saw a body laying in his casket.
The body of a friend, a husband, a daddy and a brother.

I began to think…

When life left his body.
When he breathed his final breath.

Cancer also left.

His flesh here held no strings the moment
his feet touched those beautiful streets of gold.

I know, with everything in me, his soul rejoiced!

When the saints throughout the ages embraced him…
When shouts from near and far cried.. “OH, our PRECIOUS brother!!! Welcome home!”

I know, he felt “joy unspeakable”.

No, he’s not dead.
He’s very much alive.

He’s alive… in a land that will NEVER grow old.

I would have given anything to see that outstanding smile on his face… as the arms of angels
lifted him from his bed that early Saturday morning…

NO more pain.
NO more suffering.

Being pulled into the presence of the Lord Jesus.
Being swept away in a mighty wind of His glory.

If anyone says he lost the battle against cancer…


As I gazed down at our friend tonight,
My heart ached with an earthly sadness…

But what great happiness he must be feeling.
To sit at the feet of a Mighty Savior.

What joy must be flooding through him now!
Not many days before he passed away…
He asked if I would run down and sing to him..

So I packed my small cd player and there in his

I sang the song you all hear playing now..

“His life for mine…”

I had no idea it would be my very last time to sing to him here…
I had no way of knowing that he would see the Jesus in my song… so soon.

I finished once… and he said,
“Sing it again, Gen! I need to hear it one more time!”

On my second time…

“How could it ever be…
That he would die.. God’s son would die…
To save a wretch like me..
One love divine…
He gave his life for mine.”

..there we all stood wiping tears.
As I felt the presence of a living Christ pass through the room...

We just couldn't help but thank an almighty God...
Weep... and thank him.
For being … SO good.

Bro. Donnie said, “Praise GOD! Gen, whoever said you need to be in church!”

...He was STILL rejoicing.
Coming from a man who hadn't been out of a bed in weeks.

Bro. Donnie touched my life that day.
And as many times, he encouraged my walk.
Someday, I’m going to thank him…

I hope, as he looks upon those beautiful gates of pearl..

As I saw him do so many times..

Bro. Donnie, Lift your arms...
Lift your arms.

Sing victory.
Sing loudly…

Because victory is surely yours…

We will love and miss you always,
until we meet you…

…meet you in the morning.


  1. Mr.Harold was an amazing man!! He will be missed by so many! I LOVE this song!!
    Gen this is absoulty BEAUTIFUL!!! U r such an amazing woman!!! I know that Mr. Harold touched your life and I hope that you know you touch mine through ur amazing blogs. In such anguish and grief you see the good and the almighty God NO MATTER WHAT!! Thank you!!! Thank you for sharing with us and for changing a peice of my soul!! May God Bless You :)

  2. He's rejoicing without the restraints of an earthly body, oh what a victory!!

  3. you hit the nail right on the head-thanks for sharing

  4. Sarah Bassoo LerdoJune 4, 2010 at 12:27 AM

    Oh my Gen, thanks so much for posting. This was so BEAUTIFUL... I couldn't help but tear up as you described what its like for him in glory right now. May the Lord richly bless you! May we keep pressing on until the day our Lord comes to take his bride away :)


Thanks so much for commenting! I enjoy reading them SO much! Thanks! :)