Monday, June 27, 2016

Bread of Life For Me... My Healing.

Seven long months ago, I made a huge discovery about my health. I had a severe intolerance to wheat gluten.  

What has wheat gluten in it?

Almost everything.

Years prior to that I literally stayed sick. My family would shake their heads as I dealt with terrible symptoms that I couldn't put my finger on! Couldn't keep food in me...  Severe body aches.. Joint paint....  Swelling in my face... Swelling in my hands...   It was unbelievable.

After a trip to Branson, Missouri last year with friends... Who deal with similar issues... I realized what was going on! 

My life, diet and outlook on life changed. No more bread for me. No more birthday cake, pizza, pasta, chinese food, tons of seasonings, fried food and so much more  it would likely take up the entire blog post. 


Did I ever mess up? Yes... 

Was I sick? YES... Unbelievably and almost instantly.

Here is a picture of me from right before going gluten free in November to Mother's Day this May... 

While on my strict diet - my quality of life improved tremendously.  I gave thanks to the Lord for meeting me halfway... Giving me knowledge and strength. For helping me to grow. I grew content in my new way of life. 

But, Our God is so good...

I just came home from a Family Camp put on by an awesome neighboring church! I couldn't stay the entire time - because our lives are so incredibly busy...   Lots of life changes at present.

But, I did get to go on a Friday night..   The service was tremendous. I was blessed beyond measure. My husband made his way to a group of gathered ministers and asked if they would pray for several situations we are currently dealing with. I believe in the power of prayer!

Bro. Ron Spencer asked if I was in the building and called me over...   He is such a precious minister and friend...  Together he and Bro. Wayne Lawson laid hands on Jeremy and I and prayed along with many others...

It was a moment in my life that I will never forget. 

That's when I felt a powerful warmth... It began in my mid-waist... Traveled up through my inner chest...  And exited my shoulders. I instantly knew that something had left my body... 

Bro. Wayne with tears flowing.. Shook my hand when he finished praying and said, "From now on things will be different."...

It was a beautiful - God came on the scene moment. 

I left camp feeling immensely better.. My anxiety levels had calmed...  Just all together a wonderful experience. I had been blessed.

On the next Wednesday, I was out of town taking my Aunt to the airport...  We stopped at a Chinese restaurant to have lunch.  Just as I picked up the menu... Something spoke to my heart... "Have faith and be made well."

For the first time in seven months I ordered a completely normal meal. My family stared at me in complete disbelief. Knowing that I may not even make it home without extreme sickness. 

We prayed over our food and I believed.

I ate with ABSOLUTELY no sickness.

I knew that the same Great God that had created my body.. Had healed it. Glory be to the Mighty Physician! 

I have continued to eat completely normally since that Wednesday with absolutely no effect on my body at all. 

For those who believe miracles only happen in days past - I am here to say that we are living in a day where God can be called on the scene and mountains will move! 

Thank you Jesus.


  1. What an inspiration....the very God who spoke to the storm many years ago and calmed the sea spoke to the storm that was troubling you..... Thank you for sharing....Kathy Spryn

  2. Praise the Lord, we still serve a prayer answering God! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a wonderful testimony!! I am so blessed. God is so good, He is so real, He is so willing and I love how when that seed of faith drops in your heart, you know that you know.


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