Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunshine and Cinnamon Toast

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The days here seem dreary... almost like the sun's been hiding it's face for so incredibly long. But, I've decided there is power in positive thinking.

I was once told.. "You change your thinking .. you change your world."

true statement.

I layed in bed this morning with the covers up to my ears, listening to Jonah's soft breathing laying near me in his bed and the drippy drops of rain.. pitter pattering down on my window.

I glanced at my clock .....

7:15 A.M.

I was NOT ready for the day.

But unfortunately.. the day was ready for me. So, I pushed back the warmness and quietly put my feet on the floor.. ever so careful not to wake the little peanut. I slipped on my robe and tiptoed down the hall where I glanced outside though a window..



the grouchiness consumed me.

I decided to brighten the morning I should do something I like.. like..
Cheat on the diet.

I opened the pantry where I pulled out the wheat bread and popped it into the toaster.
Within minutes, BING! ready.

I thought a second, smiled to myself and grabbed the butter out of the fridge, spread it, sprinkled the toast with sugar (the white unhealthy for adults kind), cinnamon and popped it into the microwave.

I pulled it out in a few seconds and sat down at my desk to eat it.


I took one bite and remembered..
I'd loved cinnamon toast as a little girl... without the crust.
So, I'd always peel it off.

The amazing thing was...
As I slowly chewed the crust this morning..

I realized how much I actually still wasn't crazy about it.

BUT.. it didn't stop me from enjoying the rest of the toast.
The savory taste of melted butter.
The sweetness of sugar and cinnamon.

Sometimes I'm convinced that's how life is.
We simply throw away the hard parts...
or look for an easier way.

But you're a better person WITH the crust.

Learn to deal with the bad... but enjoy all good too!
Thank God for all his blessings, EVEN when you're in a valley.

EVEN in the middle of a dark dreary morning.
EVEN in the middle of a trial.

And guess what?

The morning stayed dark for quite a while...
The rain poured and thunder rumbled..

But eventually.. the sun peaked through and it was a beautiful day.


March 31, 2009
Genesis Costner


  1. Thanks, Gen! I needed to read this today!

    Keep on writing, there's beauty deep in each word.

    ~Melissa Cockman~

  2. I really enjoyed your post. I could vividly imagine everything you wrote about. Very nice!


Thanks so much for commenting! I enjoy reading them SO much! Thanks! :)