Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have this moment...

So, I've decided something.
I strive too much for perfection with my photography.


For example...
I work myself to death trying to capture the perfect smile.
perfect lighting. (which is good.)
perfect side of the face.
perfect backdrop.


Today while watching Jonah on the floor, laying on his blankie, beside my desk watching me work.. I couldn't help but laugh at his every move.

Grab his doggie...
Eat his doggie...
Eat the blankie...
Mess his collar up...
Grab the doggie again..
Grin up at me and coo..
Eat the blankie again..

You get the idea. :)

So, I decided to capture what I saw in the moment..
instead of my serious need for perfection.
I pushed back my chair.. grabbed my camera sitting beside me..
and began snapping.


Here's what I came up with.
The real deal.. the "unedited" kiddo that I find simply hilarious at times...

Jonah & his doggie.

See! I didn't fix the collar... :)

the "goofy" grin.. haha!

And yes, my precious boy is teething.

And he's VERY energetic!

And no, the puppy probably won't end up with ears..

and yes, he's completely rotten and it's adorable.

I'm thankful for him.
For our Jonah-Boy.

It's these moments I'll never have again.
I love to see him snuggle with that old puppy.
I love the fact that he drools when he grins.
He's healthy.
He's growing.
And he's one happy little guy.

Like the old song goes..

We have this moment to hold
in our hands.
And touch.. as it slips through our fingers like sand...
Yesterday's gone, and tomorrow may never come...
But we have this moment today. treasure it.

Hope this brought you a smile.


  1. ..And children are both some of the most beautiful and most difficult subjects to photograph. Yup--you've gotta just treasure the moments, perfect or not!


  2. How much more perfect can it get! Simply gorgeous!! I find the pictures I like best of my kids aren't always the "perfect" ones! He's beautiful!

  3. Genesis, he is SO precious! I consider him perfect as is... so cute. I'm at work again... we have a very low census, so... i've got a few minutes. I've thought about starting a blog on blogspot simply to keep in touch. Glad you and the family are doing good! Love you and miss you...

  4. Gen! I needed to read this blog today! Emily and I were just talking last night about how I try so hard for everything to be just right when taking an image. Lately, I too, have begun to let go and take images completely out of my comfort zone...

    You are an incredible photographer....and an incredible mommy! Hope to see you soon!

  5. Sar, Have missed you terribly! Love ya girlie. :)

    Melissa, HAHA. I'm so serious thats hilarious. We should shoot together soon... we would make a good team! Love ya!


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