Thursday, May 28, 2009


...and completely refreshed.

I spent one amazing week in North Carolina with Jeremy's family..
and a few days with my family in Tennesse!

We had an incredible visit!
Thank you all for being so thoughtful, sweet and
making our vacation extra special.

William Palmer is the absolute best babysitter ever.. He was totally Jonah's "new found friend"... He'll make an amazing Dad someday. :)

Mary Elisabeth, Jonah and little Vallie.. (who is Fancy Nancy.. in person!) played with the little man to no end.. and he adored every second of the attention!


Jonah got to take a great big look at his Daddy's "roots"
He smiled and gurgled..
I'm sure he caught all of it.
Or at least.. His Daddy thought he did.

Jonah with his first cousin Abigail... what a cute little team of trouble they made!


I'm having SO many mixed emotions right now.

Jonah is coming so alive.
It's so precious.

Watching a child grow.. is truly a miracle.

Sitting in my den the other evening..
I could see little creatures flickering outside my window.


They still make me smile, want to grab a net, pull of my shoes
and run outside on that cool damp grass.
I can almost see the curls bouncing and ribbons flying..
and echoed laughter into the night.

I loved to capture them in a bottle.
Sit them on a shelf...
and even in the greatest darkness..
they would sparkle.

I guess somethings we never forget no matter how old we are.

..and in my mind...
Right now, I almost wish Jonah was a little firefly.
So I could stop in my day to day,
Grab a little jar,
Stick him inside,
then simply smile proudly at how much he's starting to shine...
and enjoy all the priceless moments we are getting together.

The happy smiles.
The first "big boy" food messes.
Grabbing his toes.
Singing along with every tune.
The precious morning face.
The baby days.

No amounts of money..
No gold..
No silver..
No riches..
Can buy those "firefly moments"

They shine.. and in the blink of an eye they're gone.

So treasure them.
Love them.
Give them your all.

Because we'll turn around.. and all too soon..
Our little fireflies will be grown...
they'll sprout tiny wings..
and find a way out of that small jar on our shelf..

Then someday..
Deep in the darkness..
We'll see a twinkle..
a flicker..
a little light shining..

And we'll smile..
thank God..
feel so blessed..
..and we'll remember.



  1. Again you amaze me with your way to relate things to live and then to express it-I love it!


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