Thursday, June 25, 2009

If a blankie's worth a thousand words...

So today, I'm working at home...
..and I let Jonah nap on my "big" bed.

Because he loves it.
..and he's rotten.
As my Gram says.. "Bless his heart!"

I prop huge pillows around him..
and let him snooze.

Well earlier, I peeped in the room to check on him..
..and thought his feet and blankie looked so cute!
So I pushed the pillows I had around him out of the way
and snapped a few.

Sweet boy.

And this is after he woke up...
He loves this blankie.
He makes me laugh.

If a blankie's worth a thousand words..
Then why can't I have two..
All cuddly and blue..
I do.. want two...

(Can't you picture him singing it?)..


..ok, back to work.


  1. So very adorable (the pictures and the boy)!!!!

  2. He looks like a little "jewish" boy, Jeremy. hahaha


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