Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One messy baby.

o, tonight..

Jeremy took the reins and fed the little man supper.
I guess they felt the need for some "Daddy-Son time"..
It was a great idea.. except... I found out REAL fast that "a guy's method"
of feeding corn mixed with sweet potatoes is very.. VERY... different than mine.

Up the nose..
All over face..
Slop food..
Play in it..
I think I even scrubbed out his ears and found orange.
(Don't believe me? .. keep reading.)

I sat back, grinned and tried extremely hard to remember that everything is washable.
We ended up with one messy little boy

..But Dad did a great job.
And Jonah loved it.

I usually grit my teeth when I see "baby food mess" pictures..

.. so much for that!!!

I very quickly found out why parents post them..
it's hilarious..
and he'll only be this little once.

I'm sure when he's 16.. he'll stare at the following in horror.

But when he's 30.. He'll realize.. as we have.. how precious these moments were.. and I'm sure I'll get food covered grandbaby pictures.

So much for my crazy particularness ..
let the good times roll.

*notice the sprouting tooth on the bottom left. :)

One happy baby.
One very proud Daddy.

ahh... love my boys... both of them.



  1. haha, I was expecting a lot worse! My 3 year old nephew thinks it is hilarious when you are not looking to rub spaghetti in his hair or wherever else...every single meal is a messy adventure.

  2. He's SO cute GEN!:).. ahh! What a doll


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