Friday, August 7, 2009

A day at the Grands..

I spent the day at my Pop & Gram's..
..with the entire family and some.

We were so pleased that My Aunt Hannah's husband Kirkman's family came in!
According to Abbey & Sari..
Aunt Liz, the boys, Mary & Uncle Reeves.
Thrilled to have you guys!

I ran outside to grab something out of my car
and hearing the laughter, screaming and playing noises....

It took me back.. years and years.
What happy happy memories.

This yard..
Was one of my absolute FAVORITE places to
play as a little girl.

It was on these steps that Cinderella found her glass slipper,
the cowboys were always shot by the indians,
..and fairy tales still existed in the mind of a very adventurous little girl.

I spent many a day curled up in a chair sketching
or writing in a journal in this old yard.

I let my imagination run completely free...
which at times even got me into trouble!

I could be a twinkly fairy dancing around her flowers and an old pioneer woman out on the range through snow, wind and rain all in the very same day.


Now about the kiddos.

This is Mary..
Her smile captures me!
She loves hugs.

..And of course.
Sweet Bella.

Had to catch a few pictures of this precious little pumpkin.

Who I might mention..
We are QUITE proud of.
Check out this big girl making some serious steps on her own with Mommy!

..And here we have Matt the funny!
..And Nick the silly.
All the girls cheesed for my cam.
..Which I found hilarious.

After the hot afternoon..
We headed inside and welcomed the cool and a great meal!

And then I took these pics of
Jonah trying desperately to grab my camera..

He finally gave up and smiled.

THEN... Aunt Hannah made Jonah the best
"homemade toy" ever.
For all you parents needing a cheap toy.

The bottle with beans.

He shook it.
And shook it..
And shook it...
And crunched it...
And shook it again..
And threw it on the tile floor..
And shook it..

thanks Hannah.
I love you too.

I'll be sure to buy Abbey & Sari a set of the very best electric super loud drums.
Just to make it even.




  1. Adorable Gen! As always..

  2. Love the beans!!! Hilarious ... Leave it to Hannah! -Claire

  3. Thanks Gen...for capturing a very precious moment for us!
    Love you...Aunt Missy

  4. I love the pictures...and the wonderful "toy" at the end is precious! I'll have to make one for Kamden. :)


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