Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweet Moments...

I simply can't believe it..
Cleaning house this evening it really hit me..

My baby.. is turning ONE year old on Friday.

I sat down.. folded towels in hand.. and let all the sweet sweet memories of this past year flood my mind and heart.

I've never in my life felt so blessed.

I walked into his room.. opened up his bottom dresser drawer and pulled out his "preemie diaper" that was incredibly huge on him when we brought home that perfect four pound bundle.

It amazes me how God will take a hard trial in your life..
You'll feel just like you can't make it another day... and suddenly His great mercy comes on the scene and like a hand holding you up.. you'll carry on.

But not just carry on.

You'll carry on... different.

You'll carry on... stronger.

You'll carry on... blessed.

You'll carry on.. with more character.

Sitting there today..

I was remembered of all the times... I stayed late in that NICU.. then walked out of the building for the night .. sucked in the cold air, swallowed down the hard lump in my throat and it would take every bit of strength my body could hold to walk away from my baby.

I started thinking.. If we.. as humans... love our children like that...

Our Lord Jesus..
The Creator of the Universe.. must love us so.. deeply.. and more than words can express.

I'm sure, In those nights when we feel so alone... He's keeping such a watchful eye on us.
I know it must take every bit of His majestic strength to watch His children go through hard times.

I'm sure if we only knew the amount of times His heart has ached for one of His own.
We would be amazed that a God loved us so much.
If we really knew.

As I pressed my face against a little plastic box and watched Jonah grow..
Day after day..
Ounce by ounce..
My heart ached to hold him.
I ached for him to come home.

I've come to realize..

I truly know our Precious Saviour must do the same.
Night after night He watches..
Waiting so patiently on His children.
Aching to hold them.
His heart longing for them to come home.

Isn't that beautiful?
His love for us.. is such a great.. great story.

Thank you for this very first year.
Thank for our little boy.

For those of my dear readers who don't know Jonah's story,
When obstacles stand in my way..
I remember the words of the doctors that would deliever Jonah before he was born..

"Genesis, don't be shocked. Preemies this small are usually blue.. He'll probably be lifeless at first... so don't be upset if he doesn't cry."

But a powerful and almighty God took over a situation.

Jonah was born pink.. kicking and screaming.. and one of the most amazing miracles my doctors had ever witnessed.

Now, One year later, I think no matter how old my darling will get...
I will still think of him as that tiny and I'll never forget how much our heart rejoiced in his perfect cry.

Today, with two teeth, going everywhere and with more personality than I would have ever thought a little guy his age could have...

We are SO blessed.

Hug someone you love today.. Tell them you're thankful for them.

Make every moment count..
Because little moments matter.



  1. Happy early birthday baby boy!

  2. Precious story Gen. So happy for you guys. Made me cry..

  3. Beautiful gen .. as usual!

  4. Gen~ I haven't talked to you recently. I stumbled upon your website and just wanted to say how great it was to read and catch up on your life. God bless you and your little miracle.He is so good to us. Love you!
    Stephanie Calderon (use to be Daniels) =)


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