Friday, October 23, 2009

A Healing for Hannah...

God picked up a sparrow that could no longer fly
He brushed off his wings and then watched it soar into the sky…

If he’s mindful of creation.. On this I can depend..
I am His child and I can place all of my trust in Him.

I will trust Jesus.
I can trust Jesus.
He never once has failed to meet my needs.
He is my strong tower.
The strength in my weakest hour
I can trust Jesus.
HE takes care of me.

I truly believe everyone has a theme song.
I know many of you have asked and e-mailed for updates on
my Aunt Hannah Jackson…

Sitting here at my desk, It’s so hard to contain the joy that would like to spill from the innermost of my heart…
I’m going to try my best write her great … great testimony.

Being admitted to Schumpert Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana… after testing we were given the news that Hannah’s condition was much more severe than we were ready to hear..

The doctors let us know that in the most four-six weeks she would more than likely be paralyzed waist down from the bone cancer eating away at her spine..

She was admitted into emergency radiation treatment…
Time was closing in on us..
Harsh facts were so incredibly hard to swallow.

But truly, The Lord Jesus is OUR strong tower.
He is most defiantly the strength in our weakest hour.
HE never once has failed to meet our needs.
Each and every need.

I’m here to say, she never once has given up on a God that is so much bigger than cancer.

Then after weeks of treatment... right in the middle bad reports.
The doctors ordered a separate MRI of the spine to get a closer look..
A couple days later the doctor came in with an entirely different prognosis.

His very attitude had completely changed.
The results were what some would call “miraculous”…

The MRI showed a completely different picture than the CT scan a few days earlier..
The tests showed NO cancer in her any of her organs.. ONLY in the bones… and is the type of cancer that stays within the bones.

According to the doctors… “This is the situation you would have prayed for.”

Completely contradicting earlier reports.

Although medically stated incurable … This situation unbelievably and suddenly became “treatable”… They say she’ll have to treat it as a long-term illness… such as diabetes.

The doctors said.. “By our opinion, you have many many years to live to raise your children.. this situation is NOTHING like we thought it was.”

They call it treatable… I call it grace.
Simply grace.

We CAN trust Jesus.
HE … alone takes care of us.

You pray until your knees are worn..
Until you are positive you could literally touch the very hem of his garment.

A couple days before Hannah was released from the hospital... The administrative team showed up unannounced on her floor to observe and verify that everything was running perfectly. An hour or so after they arrived.. a very nice gentleman walked into her room from the hospital's team and said.. "I heard your story.. and I HAD to come meet you. You know it's not very often our hospital has success stories.. and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you may God's blessings continue with you."

The doctors don’t completely understand those results.
They probably never will.
But all that I can say is.. an almighty and powerful God took over a hopeless situation…

And there became hope.

I have prayed some prayers and thought they never were heard.
But I held to God’s hand and kept right on trusting in His word.
My wants and God’s desires.. don’t always agree.
But I lean on His Word.
He always knows what’s best for me.

I can trust Jesus..
He never once has failed to meet my needs..
He is my strong tower..
The strength in my weakest hour.

I can trust Jesus.
He never once has failed to meet my needs.


  1. What wonderful news! It makes me think about what the angel told Bro. Branham, "If you can just get the people to believe... "

    God bless!

  2. What wonderful news! It makes me think about what the angel told Bro. Branham, "If you can just get the people to believe... "

    God bless!

  3. What a beautiful story of God's amazing grace! And the song is one of my favorites! Such an encouraging, uplifting post!

  4. This is such GREAT and AWESOME news!! Our GOG is an AWESOME GOD!! Still praying and believing!! Love you all and God Bless!!

  5. Genesis, thank you SO much for sharing this beautiful story about a beautiful lady and our faithful Lord! I have wondered how Hannah was doing, and it's so wonderful to hear that God has intervened and touched her. Praise Him!

  6. Wow! That is so encouraging to hear!

  7. Praise be to God! Oh, Gen, there is just such a sweet release when you get the confirmation of the faith you were holding on to. I haven't stopped crying yet. (tears of joy) This is the miracle I was praying for. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!

  8. When I first opened your page I was almost scared to read cause I thought maybe it was bad news...but why would I expect bad news??!! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL and always RIGHT ON TIME!! Thanks so much for posting...I have been checking often as I have been wondering how Hannah had been doing and I would think of her and her family often. I can only imagine the praise in the room that day!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! Thank you Lord for healing Hannah and giving her strength and complete healing in the days ahead!!!

  9. Genesis,
    I was so glad to hear this good news. I hadn't heard it yet! God is good and we thank Him for it!
    Elisabeth Mitchell

  10. Wonderful Wonderful News!!! God is so good...
    Love and Prayers Hannah...
    Joanna Patton

  11. Praising God for this wonderful news. God is so faithful and yet He never ceases to amaze me. My love and prayers to you all.

  12. Praise the Lord!!!! I Love that song btw, Gen! LUV U!!!!
    ~ Britt

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  14. Genesis - I have sent this to many of my best friends up here - there is no way I can get them to understand the enormity of what has happened, but because of your gift, they can truly understand this is a miracle.


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