Thursday, November 19, 2009

A friend for Jonah....

*For Sis. Karen M.... Thank you for encouraging me to keep writing. :) Thank you for reading...

My dear friend Stephanie is expecting her first little boy.
Her shower was beautiful.. I had to share a few pictures!

I'm so proud for her.. She is truly one of the most precious people I know.
She'll be an amazing mother.

Steph, Other than David finding you.. this is the second most amazing journey you'll ever go on.

You don't realize yet.. how much you will love something so incredibly small. But very soon.. you will!

Enjoy every single little tender moment. You'll blink your eyes and those precious infant days will be gone. I'm so glad my Jonah will have a friend.. :)

Stay strong. Love you!

And for the record, Yes, I did cry over the shoe picture.. Little boys are too special. The tears just came...

"The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk about outside your body."
-Katherine Hadley

"Baby's fishing for a dream, fishing near and far. His line a silver moonbeam is, his bait a silver star."
-Alice C.D. Riley


  1. So beautiful...shower...Steph...and the precious moments...!!!

    Love LOVE Love the pictures!

  2. Do I dare tell you that I was excited when I read "Friend for Jonah"-I thought it meant a brother or sister :P It is still just as exciting tho!


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