Friday, December 18, 2009

Each other...

One of the greatest gifts that we are given.. each other.

I was sitting in a waiting room... and there was an elderly
black lady sitting next to me.

While I waited, I couldn't help but notice her poise and grace..
Her hands were neatly folded on her lap and soft hair tucked behind her

She must have noticed my admiration.. because she looked up, gave me a smile..
and asked if I had been waiting very long.
I told her no and we began to chat about how much the
day had warmed up.. and how glad we both were to see the sun shining again after all the rain..

Then she tilted her head a little and said..
Honey, do you have children?"

I told her I did and before I knew it... a great deal of time had passed
..and I was telling this precious lady about Jonah and just how blessed I knew we were just to have him.
I was amazed how at ease I felt talking to her.
Like a dear friend, from a long time ago...

Her eyes twinkled as she chuckled about how comical Jonah is and she gave me a big smile at my reaction to "newness" of mommy-hood.

Then she sat quietly for a minute.. and then she said.. "I have eight."

"Eight children that is."

I smiled and nodded..

She went on, "Each one of them was so different.
Each one of them touched my life in so many ways.
Children are a great blessing, you know..
they really make your house a home."

She reminisced on.. "I spent a many a night up with all those little ones.. but, I don't regret a single day.. and my husband, he sure loved those babies."

She paused a second and sighed deeply.. "Those babies, it sure makes me miss him so much now."

I glanced down at her hands again, still on her lap... worn from the years... and I realized... those hands... had probably been folded in prayer so many times.. they had held so many tired faces... they had dried so many tears..

I felt my own self swallow back the knot forming in my throat.

She went on.. "I'm 87 years old now.. and you can't even imagine the amount of
happiness my life has held."

She smiled and glanced past me...

"You know Honey, You gotta hold to His word... that's the key to this life. That's the key."

I was so touched by her honesty and wisdom.. I softly replied, "Yes, thank you... I will."

..and then her name was called.

She stood up, patted me on the shoulder and said..
"Sometimes, one of the greatest gifts we are given... is each other."
"Take care of your boy now... "

..with that she turned and walked away.

I sat silent for a few minutes after she left
and then the most profound thought hit me.

There have been many, many times this past year...
I've thanked our Lord Jesus for our precious child.
I've given Him the glory many times.
For our miracle-boy.

To my complete amazement, that sweet lady made me realize something.
Her kind words had passed something on to me.

EVERY parent...
Every praying parent...
that lives, that loves..

Is truly just as much of a great ... great miracle.

Those Mothers that sit up late nights believing for a son or daughter.
Those parents that have given everything to make a child's life better.
Those Dads that are willing to come home after hard days at work.. and spend quality time with a little ones despite tiredness just to show how much they love them.

Each and every one of you... are miracles.
She was right.. "The greatest gifts we have .. are each other."

Parents, Families, Dear friends, Hold strong.
Stay steadfast.

"You gotta hold to His word... that's the key to this life."

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.
The real miracle is the love that inspires them.
In this sense everything that comes from love is a true miracle.

-Marie Lloyd


  1. Ok Gen, sitting here crying again! thanks for writing!

  2. beautifully written. thanks for the late night read.

  3. Genesis, so awesome. she was truly a special lady.

  4. girl this is sooo sweet i'. emailing it to my grandma! i'm in tears! this is just what i needed today!

  5. aw, thanks lacey. :) love ya.

    thanks guys! :) .. thanks liz!

  6. Thanks so much for writing this and posting it!!!! Makes it seems worth it all even the tough times!!

  7. Sweet ...sweet words of wisdom. Great post Gen! Love ya..Auntie Mitt


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