Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jonah's funnies...

...Sometimes we take for granted just exactly how blessed we are.

This coming Sunday.. we will go to Jonah's ONE YEAR reunion to the NICU to visit some of the most precious people in our past... Doctors and nurses that became some of our dearest friends during a long and hard hospital stay.

I'm so happy to say that Our Lord Jesus got the glory as he led the hands of amazing doctors to take care of our tiny boy.

It seems like a blurry haze now... all the hard stuff.

Our life is surrounded by a sweet, funny, kind and most entertaining little guy.

We watched pretty snow fall in Louisiana last week.. Jonah lightly pressed his chubby fingers against the cold glass.. and looked back at me with complete amazement!

It looked like fluffy marshmallows falling from a wintry sky. I've decided we tend to take life for granted and all of the little moments that it brings. In the busyness of everyday... I am SO blessed to enjoy him.

To enjoy our boy..

Here we are one year healthy year later...

God has been SO good.

Doctors have practices to become the best physicians they can be.

I've decided that parents..
They have moments.
Moments to become the best they can be. Little moments, to give the most they can possibly offer.

Kids change SO quickly. Jonah has decided he's completely fascinated with cars and trucks.
He makes a loud "BRRRRMM!" noise ... simply anytime either of the above is anywhere in view.

I find myself amazed by just how "little boyish" he is... naturally! :)..
It's adorable.

Little boys are so peculiar...

I videoed Jonah playing with these cars as well tonight... and then showed it to him. He snorted and giggled like a silly little monkey at himself... Before I knew it.. I was laughing too!

"If only the world wouldn't get in your way...
if only people would just let you play…
they can’t understand… the magic of your wonderland..”

-The Fox and The Hound
"Best of Friends"


AND.. in case you'd like a few smiles..

I decided to update you guys on what all the turkey has been doing. :)...
So do like I do.. Grab a cup of java... and enjoy..

Our little cousin Sweet Bella-girl comes to play often with him... She's so gentle and sweet with all of her "Bebe" dolls.

I smile in awe at her.. and then I watch my Jonah completely "bulldoze" through our house.

While playing the other day I handed a small stuffed doll to Jonah to see how he'd react.

He simply dropped it on the floor and sat on it.

I was TOTALLY horrified and so was Bella.
Then I realized...
as much of a boy as he is...

He thought the Bebe was a pillow.

And then there was the other day, I walked in.... and ALL of his bouncy balls had mysteriously disappeared.

Curiosity took me over and I checked around a few places...

I found this...
behind the chair in my living room.

I guess he was keeping them safe, of course!

My Daddy assures me that he will be organized. "I mean, look how meticulously he lined up those balls.!!!.."

I can only grin in sheer amusement.

Boy.. Oh boy..

And my favorite, the piggy timeout.

Jonah is IN LOVE with our coffee table and fascinated with all of it's lovely treasures... In our attempts to teach him no no...

He still seems to find someway to get to all of the decor. :)...

This particular day.... He decided to tear up Mommy's magazines and drag all over the "No No's" across the room. (At different times, of course!)...

I had just brought in the "Huggies box" and sat his chubby little rear down on it...
I was right in the middle of explaining how "good little boys didn't do that.. " and this was the face I got.

I had to hide to huge smile that covered my face.
This exact puppy look...
completely steals my heart.

I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture. I think I'll show it to him when He's grown.... and remind him that once upon a time.. He thought decorations were great. :)..

I hope everyone's days are going just as well as ours...

I hope you remember daily .. how blessed we all are.
..and that life's little moments are priceless.

So.. Treasure them.
Just as Jeremy and I treasure..
our very funny, coffeetable-loving, ball-hiding, bulldozing,
sweet, cuddly, chunky, big smiling, total miracle of a little boy.



  1. LOVE that boy!!! =) He's the cutest baby. . . .EVER!!!

  2. oh...Nehemiah LOVES to watch videos of himself!! I keep several on the computer for when he needs a distraction! Boys are so much fun arent they??? They're all rough and tumble one minute and sitting on your lap cuddling the next...right now Miah is cuddling :)

  3. Mommy and Bella love our bulldozing, coffee table loving, brrrrrr sounding precious little boy!!!!

  4. Again, an adorable is sooo true about the difference of girls and boys. My little 2 year old niece doesn't like you to call a doll 'doll', because it is a 'baby.' The nephew the same age is clueless of such things.


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