Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chef BoyarGEN?


Buon giorno Cari Amici!!!!

(That's italian for "Good Morning Dear Friends"... and no, I don't really speak italiano. Looked it up at translation.com.. BUT, I DO think Amici is an adorable word for friends!)


Anyhoo, I have to tell you all..

I'm not exactly sure if it's a new phase in life...
or I've just suddenly woke up from a long sleep.

BUT, I have a brand stinkin' new love.



But not JUST cooking, I'm cooking everything in sight.

...everything from strange Italian noodles, to warm & wintry soups, to traditional pies.. to flipping fruit-filled flapjacks.

I think I'm acting like a kid in a candy store.
I'm not sure why... but, I find I simply adore it.

I've also discovered I love, love, love cookbooks.

You know, the real ones.
Not surfing online... but like, hardback cookbooks.

I'm obsessed ya'll.

I've decided... after I concur all of my dreams at present.
Someday, Lord willing... When Jonah is grown.

I would completely love to take some culinary classes.
And who knows what the future may hold!

I know. I know.

All thumbs in the kitchen, right?

But...... It's like a new found love.
I actually think my thumbs have learned to work a little bit!

I adore the smell of fresh basil.
I love cooking spicy meats.. and flaky fish.
The flavors..
The smells..
I have NO idea whats gotten into me.

I'm simply pouring over cookbooks...
Digging out the aprons..
Mommy/Cook has hit home..
And I'm amazed at how much fun it is!

Cooking has went from being a chore... to something I love.
I'm constantly "whipping something up"...


...the joys.

SO... Ladies.
I would like to hear your thoughts...
Recipes, Fave Cookbook, Ingredient?...

I'm all ears.. Or.. rather eyes.

....entree pictures by moi to follow.

Good painting is like good cooking,
it can be tasted, but not explained.
Maurice de Vlamnick


  1. HEY GEN! LOVE the fact that someone else enjoys cooking too! I love all of the southern living cookbooks. Check them out!



  3. So funny to see you in the kitchen Gen, "your thumbs have started working" HILARIOUS! LOVE YOU! Sara K

  4. Genesis, try the Paula Deen recipes, you'll love them.

  5. PUT YOUR MANICOTTI ON HERE! Would love to try it. Love u, G!

  6. Gen, Heard about your italian food at Bible study. we can hopefully Get in on some of that while we're down.


  7. Above comment, butter makes anything taste good. seriously. it does.

  8. Italian cooking, all the way!!! I love my new Italian cookbook. I hate looking online for recipes! The Internet will never replace a good book. But I admit I skip the recipes for cow brain. Especially the ones that include pictures.

  9. cute post !! maybe this has something to do with my New Year's resolution? ha ha =)

  10. I love cooking also, Gen. I have a huge box full of 3 ring binders that are full of recipes. I love getting a new cookbook and trying a new dish. Best of luck! I would love to see what you cook up...

  11. Love the post Gen! The quote by Vlamnick is great too. I need to put that somewhere.

  12. OOOOOHHHH sooo excited about this new post!! You are incredible with your 'herbs' shaking away in food making it a wonderful, delightful, yummy dish! I am so looking forward to Gen's new recipes and pictures of beautiful, delic food!!!!!
    Love ya ~Auntie Missy

  13. When can we make spaghetti again? I am CRAVING it!!!! LOL

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  15. LOok up the pioneer woman's blog! Its great! You would love her.

  16. LOok up the pioneer woman's blog! Its great! You would love her.

  17. Favorite cuz LillieJanuary 13, 2010 at 10:22 AM

    I only have one thing to say..."TONY CHACHERE'S" :O

  18. All right, Gen, I love giving advice so much that I'm going to delurk and tell you my very favorite cookbook:

    How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. He also has a great NYT blog: Bitten.

    My other favorite food blogs are Smitten Kitchen and Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

  19. Gen~ I had to chuckle when I read your blog... my next post was to get recipe ideas. =) I know you said you weren't really into online recipes...but a good website is allrecipes.com as people rate each recipe and give their suggestions from when they made it. I LOVE this because my husband always teases me because I ALWAYS "tweek" recipes. I love cooking mexican food.

  20. Gen, I love your blog today..I am so excited you have finally decided to cook because I know you will be the best cook in the world and after a little practice you will probably publish your very own cookbook! Love you loads, Mom

  21. Good to hear about your new hobby. I am sure you don't have to wait until Jonah is grown up for cooking classes. I go with my sisters-in-law, aunt and father-in-law once a week. We really enjoy it! This is one of my favorite recipes! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Aussie-Chicken/Detail.aspx It tastes soo good and I normally simplify it by cutting the chicken in pieces and then sticking the mushrooms and bacon in the sauce. Take some pics of your new hobby.

  22. That's great Genesis! I like to cook but not the dishes so much! It really makes me feel good when m nieces and nephews cme over and ask "What do you have for us to eat?" Keep up all the good work!


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