Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Rock a bye baby...
In the tree top..
When the wind blows...
The cradle will rock..

I sat softly humming the beloved classic tonight.

After I'd already put my Jonah-boy to bed several times..
and as soon as his face touched the pillow,
he would ... pop up... hold his hands out.. give me puppy eyes...

and say.. "Mom maa"

..and like every adoring parent no matter how tired I am,
I pick him up..
and we rock a bye baby.

Tonight, with the lights dim and the moonbeams shining in through the curtains..
I sat listening to the creaking of the old chair and the rain tumbling down on the windows.

It's funny how when you're rocking your angel, the weariness from the day
suddenly seems to vanish.

..His eyelashes flutter in a tired sequence of open.. close.. open... close.. my baby boy makes his way on a trip to lullaby.


Tonight, sitting there..

I could picture as clear as day..
The front door swinging open in a bustle.. and hearing from the kitchen...

"MOM!! I'm home..."

..a little more noise in the kitchen
and then a young man standing in the bedroom doorway.

Hair slightly tousled from the day,
Bright smile and bold eyes..

I saw him..
..grab a pair of sneakers from his closet,
give me a curious look for sitting in his room,
then give me a quick "grown" hug,
grab a basketball from a shelf and head outside.

As fast as my daydream came, I quickly snapped back into the present..
and glanced down at my very much asleep
little guy with his feet hanging much off my lap from how much he's grown.

I felt my heart swell within me,
I wrapped him tight and held him very close.

Sitting in that creaky old chair,
I made a promise to myself tonight...
I will treasure every rock-a-bye baby song I sing...
and I will love these precious and most tender moments.

Because very much like Jonah's magical trip to lullaby land...
One day my eyes will flutter open..
and my baby will be grown.

Go to sleep now..
Your toys will keep now..
Till another day comes rolling by...


  1. Awwwww...way to go. Trying to make me cry. ;) Aren't each stage so fun?? Right now I'm typing this and holding my little man. But...I learned a trick to get him to want me. I turn Thomas the Train on the computer while I'm on it! *griN* Love you Gen!!

  2. Aw... i sing that lullaby to my little one too -and a few others. I can't wait to hold him...! <3

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