Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding myself...


As very strange as it may sound... I'm a "detail" person.

My eyes hit every color, every movement, every moment..
My husband tells me I "over analyze" things.


I suppose I probably do.

But, I'm amazed by the magnificent creation around us.
In a chaotic world, people are so worried about "finding themselves"...

I know this may sound silly to some,
BUT.. There are so many times I feel I "find myself"..
..in the very simplest of God's miracles.


The other morning,
I watched a sunrise.

I will admit it had been a while,
But sitting there I realized how many people must wait an entire
lifetime for God to show them how real He is.

...and yet, there He was.
...just as plain as day to me.
..streaming slowly into my living room window.

I'm amazed at how I "find myself" in my baby's laugh
..and how much of a miracle it is that he is even breathing.
Jonah's laugh is the Lord himself letting me know how blessed I am.


I "find myself" watching little flowers breaking their way
through hard earth to make a spring appearance.
One tiny seed, with a purpose. Destined to make a difference.
No matter how small.

I "find myself" in watching the Christian that
has held tight to God's unchanging hand,
through the good and bad,
with tired hands holding a worn bible,
for many years before I was even in existence.


I "find myself" through simple kindness of others.
Sacrifices made by those who love us deeply and unconditionally.
Those who have no idea how much they have awakened a young soul.

I "find myself" watching the kids join hearts together in our bible studies..
No matter how humble the setting may be around us.
I've learned that the small simple faith of a child is beyond measure
... listening to them read the Word.
Knowing that, although young, they are a generation
that will be most precious to our Lord Jesus.

That the stand of a young person could change lives.

Although simple in context..
Daniel and the lion's den could open a whole new world to someone
who doesn't know a Savior.

I must say.. "finding myself"... has taken on a whole new meaning to me.


I didn't "find myself" when I became a photographer.
Even though, I do love each and every one of my clients.
I do love each and every picture.

I didn't "find myself" when I discovered which road my career would take.

I found myself... when I found... others.

When I looked around,
like the sun shining bright in my window.
When I decided my life wasn't the center of the world
and began to ask, "Lord, what can I do for others?"...

For me, "finding myself"...
was truly one of those simplest of miracles.
And where there are miracles
...the tender hand of Jehovah is not far away.

Lord, Thank you for helping me find myself..
Only in you.



  1. You are so right. We find him by looking at others. I love to look around at his creation; the flowers, animals, the sky, and the people. Thank you for posting. :)

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for reading. ;)

  3. YOU, Genesis, have found out the meaning of life. Living for others is what gives us hope and love more abundantly. There are people who live their whole life and never figure this out. I am so happy for you, it brings tears to my eyes.
    Now that you have put this out to God, you will find so many little ways coming to you, to love others. It just makes you happier & happier.This is what He has been trying to teach us - this.
    Love, Liz Sortino

  4. Gen, this was truly beautiful!


  5. Gen, you never cease to amaze me with your writing! Keep up the good work!

  6. hey i met you at camp last year i'm Erika Mooneyham's friend, i just love your writing, pictures and hearing you sing :D but i was wondering how you got your blog to look so good i just got one and i don't really know what i'm doing :d any help would be great...

  7. What a beautiful post! ;)
    Love, Britt.

  8. Beautiful thoughts, Genesis! And beautiful pictures...from a beautiful young lady!!


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