Tuesday, March 9, 2010



I’m overwhelmed by the vast greatness of our precious Savior…

There are so many times whenever my life seems to be going good…
Whenever we stand on the mountain tops…
When we finally feel like we have control of the motions around us.

I always picture my Jesus…
The very ruler of the Universe.
With such gentle care… molding a very small piece of clay..
With giant hands smoothing out the rough edges…
And perfectly creating a shape…
In His great love molding and making..

Molding and making...
Molding and making...

A child that would serve him..
That would love him..
That would worship him..
To create a vessel of honor..

Not cut from diamonds and emeralds..
..but humbly molded out of a very small piece of clay.

Even then… He knew.
He truly knew how much I would love him … even then.

He knew every fault I would have.
He knew exactly how many trials my life would hold.
He knew with his great mercy, I WOULD overcome.

As His almighty hands created a being…

He knew.

He knew I would never be a perfect Christian.
But he had confidence that I would strive with everything I have.

He knew I would fail, often.
He also knew He would still love me.

As the very old song goes…

Over and over…
He molds me..
He makes me…
Into his image..

He fashions this clay..

Lord Jesus,

Thank you… for allowing me mountain tops.
Thank you for guiding me and having confidence in this humble piece of clay.

As a wife and a mother..
May I give you the glory in this, the holiest of callings.

For my dear readers…

Be thankful for the happy moments…
Give our Lord Jesus glory in the good times..
Sing His Praises…

For He Is Worthy.



  1. I just love this pic!!

  2. Adorable pictures, nice post :)

  3. Sweet pictures and beautiful thoughts...thanks for sharing!!


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