Tuesday, November 30, 2010


...A friend of mine asked me yesterday. "So Gen, I check your blog all the time... and you never write any more... " At that point I gave her the list my life holds. While on a daily basis I juggle... A crazy ringing phone scheduling appointments... or a camera pointing in too many directions... and doing my ultimate best to be a good Mommy to a super active two year old little guy. :)

..Cooking, cleaning, laundry, bedtime stories, mopping, sweeping, wiping, rocking and just ...loving all get squeezed in there during the day too somehow. You ladies out there with many children, you're my new heroes. :)...

It's a good life.... Though busy, I wouldn't trade it.


I feel like I'm bottling up so many funny stories... Children do something to your heart... They make you laugh and cry.. all at the same time.

Like tonight, I grabbed my ipad plopped down on the floor and was like, "Jonah, Come sit down by Mommy!!!" ... and I patted the floor beside me. He ran over in the funny little way he does and plopped down! ...... And then, he caught sight of Jeremy... and was like... "Daddy, SIT down" and he patted the floor beside him.

And of course, It was so cute... Jeremy HAD to sit beside him.

Jonah proceeded to begin to sing "ABCD....EFG... O....EFG....ABCD" Which means, He wanted to play a certain game that he gets to draw his ABC's.

So there we were like three indians ... all rowed up... playing alphabet games on my ipad... and everytime he would draw a letter right... we'd clap like crazy.

:)... such is life now. Amazing what kids do to you.

I know these precious days of him being small are so numbered...

I feel like someone has handed me a gift and wrapped it with a huge red bow.. and each day... I find it again... wrapped just as perfectly as the day before. Each day, I get to hold my breath as I untie the ribbons, pull open the box and fold away the perfect tissue paper... and there he is again, my sweet little boy. With that big smile... Thank you Lord.. for that smile. :)

A new word.... or a little more understanding.... It's priceless to me.

He's recently learned all the Thomas the Train character's names. We talk about them constantly... and it's so funny, they're all like tiny people who have joined our family. Jonah loves the red train... "James".... but, constantly wants to sleep with the long green train named "Henry".... it's beyond cute. Seriously, cute.


This past weekend, Jonah came and got me in a panic.... "Mommy, Hand!" ... He grabbed at my hand... and pulled me into the kitchen where he plopped down on his belly and looked underneath the dishwasher... "Mommy, der.... wook! (there, look!).... there I was down on all fours looking under the machine and staring right at me was the little pink train with freckles... the beloved "Wosie" (Rosie) trapped and desperately in need of saving. I could tell a tiny hand had put her under there... because she barely made it out with mine. :)...

As I handed her to Jonah... he gave her a hug... and said, "NO Wosie!!"... as if HE was lecturing her....

...and since I'm sure Rosie comes to life the minute he leaves the room and hides under appliances... She needed it. :)

Funny thing, I grabbed Jeremy an anniversary card last week.... and yes, I've officially been married three wonderful years.... and I thought these words on his card were so touching... I decided to share them.

So, if you get a chance... copy and paste them... and read them to the one you love. I did. :)

MANY years from now,
we'll look back on this crazy time in our life together
and wonder how we did it all...
and then, those ordinary, everyday moments that we often take for granted
will shimmer like stars as we recount them...

I'll sit close beside you, and you'll take my hand in yours.
We'll look at each other and say:
"I'd do it all again... and I wouldn't change a thing."

Isn't that beautiful...

So, dear one that took the time to remind me to write... I giggled as I wrote this post... remembering the sweetness of it.

You know who you are, Thank you for thinking of a friend.



  1. Genesis, I too, wait for a touching post from you! I understand that you have a busy life and I couldn't begin to think about have a 2 year old in the mix, but oh so long for the day. Keep using your many gifts for the Lord! Your doing great at everything.

  2. Ginger, You're such a precious friend. Thank you for that comment...


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