Thursday, May 26, 2011


...I have to say I'm quite honored to be

nominated for my first blogger award.

Thank you, Stephanie for the sweet gesture.

(Even though ... from the craziness of Mommy-hood... my blogging has been

few and far between!)

With this award... I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself...

and then pass it on... to my choosing... 7 more bloggers.

1. Autumn is my favorite season.

I am crazy about the deep.. rich colors.

I love the fact that thanksgiving... (which is the greatest holiday to me.. ) happens then.

2. I'm left handed.

And Jeremy.

And my Mom.

My old.. old great grandparents used to try to switch

my pencil to my right hand... because left handers were "cursed"... back then. :)

Seems funny now!

3. I'm a huge reader.

From the Odyssey.. to Where's Waldo.

Books.. and literature fascinate me.

4. I was raised in church...

BUT, gave my life to God when I was 19.

I try to keep the standard of being "sold out" to HIM.

...I strive at that... daily. :)

5. My new found love is working outside.

My Mom is a born "flower-grower" coach... and I'm learning how to use

my green thumbs.

As unbelievable as it seems... It's super fun.

Love it.

6. Didn't cook ONE bit before I got married.

And still in the busyness of life, don't cook as much as I'd like.

But when I do... I love it.

I'm growing my own fresh herbs this year... and they are YUMMY.

: )

7. I took piano lessons for almost 7 years...

and STILL can't play worth a flip.

As much as I'd love to have long piano flowing fingers...

I got mouse paws.

Thank goodness there's talent around me to make up for

the bad noise I create playing. :)

And my nominations ARE:

1. Brittney Pennington...

at Bea's world.

2. Melissa Cockman Photography...

She does such an AWESOME job.

3. Bring the RAIN

4. The Pioneer Woman

5. Jeni Lancaster @...

The Agape Tree

6. Of COURSE, Stephanie @

The Buckeye Calderons..

7. Garrett Family Circus...

I also love.... Bakerella & Kelly's Corner!

Blogging is so FUN!

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  1. That is interesting your great grandparents thought lefties were cursed! My mom and Aaron are both Lefties... they are alright ;) (that was cheesy!) haha Great post! I enjoyed reading it!


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