Friday, July 8, 2011

a wrinkled tshirt...

...I take so many pictures.....
Sometimes.. my wrists get sore from the pressure of the heavy camera.......
You could say photography has become "my thing".

I do weddings.
corporate venues.
still life.
senior portraits.
you pick it.. i shoot it.

But the truth of it is this...

I sat my work aside tonight.. to tuck in the most precious gift God has given me.


He insisted on wearing a wrinkled tshirt to sleep in.....
Because sometimes when I forget to leave Mimi & Paw his jammies...

They let him sleep in a soft white tshirt too.

It's a treat to him.
........And I've found it's so funny how a little boy thinks. a soft wrinkled tshirt could bring so much joy.

... he loves it. do i.


When I speak to my wedding clients... I remind them how important "moments" are.. in a wedding.
They hire me .. to capture them.

Tonight, while getting him ready for bed.... the funny little comments he'd make.....
The way his eyes danced and his smile sparkled....
The way his feet would bounce up and down as he chattered..

I suddenly heard my own voice echo though my head.. as I'd spoken with a young bride earlier today...

"Those moments are important... and you'll have them to keep forever."

And it struck home with me.

I ran.. and grabbed my camera.. I took his picture as he talked.
I brought them up on my screen later.. I smiled as I remembered his sweet voice.

...So I thought I'd share.

For all those who have emailed me... and said they appreciate my work...
I would like you all to know.. this is where my camera is best used.

As simple as these pictures are......they are some of my greatest treasures.


THIS is what hangs on the walls of my home..
and my heart.

I could never make him love this floppy stuffed giraffe as much as he does.
I could never create in photoshop those tired eyes from a long day..
The backdrops aren't perfect and his clothes are wrinkled.

But to me... these are what I call ...Masterpieces.


I hope everyone will take a few minutes tonight....

Put the paperwork aside..
Turn off the computer..
And let the dishes wait..

.....and think about it.....

"These moments are important.. and you'll have them to keep forever."

Treasure the simple things....
Enjoy the tiny times....
...and love your own Masterpieces....
So very very much.


  1. Loved this.... Thank you! ~Julie Numer

  2. Beautiful, love ur posts...

  3. Jonah is so cute!!!!!!! Sarah

  4. Gen, I have to agree with you 100%. There is nothing more precious than those special moments with your children. Sometimes we let life take hold of us like a balloon swiftly being pulled by the wind. We must stop and take those special times and cherish every moment, for that specific moment will pass, and we won't get it back. Jonah will remember all of those special moments that you and Jeremy have taken with him and he will bury them somewhere in his mind. Then one day, he will be thinking about you both and he will remember those special times that you spent with him talking, loving, and laughing. Jonah is a very special little boy with a very special mommy and daddy. We love you all!! Gail (grammy)

  5. Thank you for the reminder, i'm turning the computer off right now!! :)

  6. As always you have such a way with words. Thanks Gen!


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