Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The owl.

The day had been long...

And sometimes I just like to take a minute...  realize what the Lord is trying to say to me...   and let the words in my heart come of out of my fingers.

Just give account to how much Jesus really.. really does love us.

Big or small. Bold or silent.  Young or old.

We had finally made it home...  after such a day! Busy as most are...  My bed was actually in sight as I pulled in the driveway a few weeks ago. Jonah had been talking about a toy he liked...  and asking if he actually had to take a bath that night. (As boys always do!) ... Upon telling him, "Of course he did.." and taking him out of his carseat...  My eyes caught sight of something ... extraordinary. 

At the very end of our driveway...  sitting on a powerline...   with a streetlight shining ever so brightly down on it...   was a beautiful ... massive white owl.

It took my breath away.

I had never seen one in real life.

I instantly called my husband to come look as Jonah and I stood in complete awe of this magnificent creature. 

We walked very slowly towards it and it wasn't until I got closer.... that I realized sitting right under it on the street was a small orange cat ...also amazed by the bird.

I'm a photographer...  and I was awestruck.  On most occasions I would have grabbed a camera and went to town... But, for some reason.. I couldn't move...

We watched it for several minutes... and then in one giant leap it spread those wings...  and took flight.

Wow.  It was so beautiful...

Jeremy picked up Jonah and took him inside...   But me.. I just stood there a while...  Looking up... remembering what we had just seen.

 And that's when I noticed...

The cat.

It was still there.

I really looked this time...   It's tail had been bobbed...   it's face was scratched and mangled... so skinny and in complete honesty...  it was the saddest looking animal I had seen in a while. I'm not sure why but instead of a normal cat-like meow... It let out  a sort of squeak... 

I bent down to touch it's head... and it backed up quickly...

I thought... "Poor little thing...   It's wild."

I walked down the driveway...   opened the trunk and began unloading my vehicle...  I noticed the cat didn't leave. It just kept watching me..

Right before closing up for the night...   I put a tiny pile of cat food that Jonah told me to keep for a new pet he was wanting.  I shut the door... and watched the cat devour it through the window.

The next night,  the little cat came again and this time inching a tad bit closer.

Then the next night it came back....  and the next...  and the next...  and I started to notice the scratches were healing...   and it was putting on weight.

I have never given the cat a name...    She wasn't mine.  She's been wild.

But tonight, before coming in...  I sat down outside... I took a few breaths of the cool crisp air...   I needed just a few moments of silence after a long day.

Then I heard it.

Right behind me... a familiar squeaking.  I turned around and noticed the cat...

...she walked up, sat down right beside me and looked straight up at me.

I knew I'd made a friend.

And there was an unsaid gladness that just filled me.  I never tried to pet her...   But sitting beside her...  I heard her purring.

That's when I really saw the big picture...

Even though that owl caught the attention of my eyes...   It wasn't the owl that needed me.

And really,  It wasn't the owl that makes this story beautiful.

After nights of watching that  little cat grow ....she had caught the attention of my heart.

And I thought... That's how Jesus must feel about us.

So many of our lives will never glisten like those white wings in the moonlight.  But in that little mangled animal...  so hungry...  so scared to get close...  scars and scratches...  and yet, in all of our imperfection....

HE is hope.

We make His heart glad.

And He is so patient with us..  He waits as we inch nearer and nearer.

He sits quietly...  As we in learn to put our trust in Him. 

Then finally, it's so good...   just to sit close to Him. 

Just to be near him.

For what a friend we have in Jesus.



  1. That is so very true. I heard this song the other day. It was a hymn I hadn't heard for a long time. I began singing it, and tears began to swell up in my eyes and I felt a lump in my throat as I could feel God's love from deep with with in: "Just As I Am without one plea, but that Thy blood was shed for me........all I could think of was God 's amazing love..... Just like that kitty , it just wanted to be accepted and loved in that pitiful state was in, and it felt your compassion, and showed you by purring....

  2. I needed this more than you know. Thank you Genesis, you have always represented what a true Christian is. We have all felt like that little kitty at one time or another, and feel blessed that God still notices. :) Love you.

  3. Genesis, thank you for sharing that special moment with the rest of us. God is so aware of our every need, and in His special ways, He lets us know that we are not invisible! Love you.

  4. Genesis, this encouraged me. Beautifully written and so very very true! HOpe you don't mind me sharing it :)


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