Monday, January 4, 2016

A Season for Giving...


A mother's worst nightmare. A wife's hardest battle. A deep dark valley that as a Christian, presents itself daily.

I find myself thinking twenty steps ahead most days... 
 The age we live in has drilled it in our mind - cause and effect.
And as we, the tear dryers, the educators of our children and the very cornerstones of our homes -  Try so hard to stay on top of it all.
 We work endlessly to keep it together.
And the pressure is overwhelming.
We go to bed exhausted and we wake up exhausted.

Can anyone relate?

I keep a planner for my daily schedule.
I keep a planner for my monthly schedule.
I keep a planner for Jonah's lesson plans.
I keep a planner for everything.


The beautiful reality is - The Lord Jesus holds the very essential master plan.
Each step we put before the other is organized and thought through.

And HE so good.

He sits back ever so quietly...  So gently... 
 Waiting for us to breathe that prayer... You know the one...

"Lord, I'm giving this situation back to you. It wasn't ever mine to begin with. Forgive me for trying to control my own life. And give me strength, to hand you the reins...    To trust you. Completely."

Let this sink in...
The very ruler of the universe... Who formed the mountains and put stars in the sky... Has enough time to wait patiently on US to remember that He alone is in charge.

Jesus, Thank you.

Thank you for taking the world off my shoulders and carrying it on yours.

In this wonderful season of giving...

Sweet Mamas, Give yourself a much needed gift...   Rest.

Give Him that financial stress.
Give Him that child that isn't behaving.
Give Him those unsolved situations.
Give Him the sleepless nights.
Give Him that family member who is constantly on your heart.
Give Him the Load.

He sees our weary bodies... And WANTS us to come to Him.

Isn't that beautiful?

No ribbons or bows... No wrapping required.
Only precious unconditional love.
What a present.




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