Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Sunset For Me...

I love Easter time.

I saw a beautiful sunset today.
I couldn't help but get a little emotional.
The rays of sunlight gently disappearing little by little.

And my mind went there...
That little town... So long ago.
Those saints of old.

You know they felt lost.
It had been two days.
Dark days.

All the miracles.
All the wonderous teaching.
They'd been with Jesus.
They'd sat with the Master.
They'd laughed.
They'd cried.
They'd talked.
He was their friend.

And they watched him.

They saw the nails.
They saw the cross.
The sweat
The tears.

Think of it.
They witnessed Him take on the sin of the world.
Every single sin he carried.
Our sin.
Our shame.

What incredible love.
It literally brings tears to my eyes.

And you know they knew...
He could have called thousands of angels to his side.

But He didn't. 

He stayed.
He endured it all.

NOTHING kept him there.
But great ...GREAT love.
For us.

And sometimes, 
We think our simple little lives are meaningless.
But, We matter to him.

He saw the faces of His children that day.
Each face.
And He cared.
That much.

I couldn't help but think as the sun set today 
as I'm sure it did years ago...
Many watched it go down with heavy hearts.
It would be a long hard night.

Oh my goodness. 
The morning was COMING! 

In a matter of hours...
A stone would roll.

That cold tomb would be occupied no more.
It simply could not hold Him.
Blessed be his precious name.
He would RISE.

Many of us are facing sunsets...
But hold strong.
Jesus is on his way.
That same love that held him to a cross.

Holds us.
Every single day.


Took a picture of my view.
Happy Easter Friends! 

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