Friday, June 19, 2009

He's been faithful..

In my moments of fear

Through every pain... every tear
There's a God whose been faithful to me
When my strength was all gone
When my heart had no song.. still in love
He's proved faithful to me
Every word he's promised, is true
What I thought was impossible
I see my God do..

He's been faithful, faithful to me
Looking back his love and mercy I see
In my heart I have questioned ...even failed to believe
When my heart looked away
The many times I could not pray..
Still my God, He was faithful to me

That song.
Is so incredibly true.

I hope this post may be an encouragement to each one of you.

My life has been busy these days..
I'm either changing a diaper..
Wiping a face..
Shooting a session..
Talking to a client..
Editing pictures..
Out of town..
Ironing dress clothes..
Rehearsing "Bye Bye" and waving..
Feeding my boys..

.. and I haven't felt the greatest.
Ok, honestly. I felt pretty rotten.
But life didn't stop.
It didn't even pause.

My symptoms remained harsh.
And honestly, my faith has been low.
It'd been wearing my body down.
So tired.

I would catch myself praying.. "Lord, help me through this day."

Can anyone relate?

But guess what,
My Lord..
My precious Savior..
Even in the busiest of my days..
Heard my cries.

He heard.
When I only half way prayed.
When I was weak.
When I couldn't even give him my all.

HE heard.
HE knew.

Bro. Jewel Forney, a wonderful minister, preached at my church a few weeks back..
He poured out his heart..
I barely heard any of the service..
Jonah kept me so busy.
Which is fine... I love that miracle-boy.

The end of service came... and while rocking Jonah something came over my heart.

Go have Bro. Jewel pray for you.

And in my flesh... I held back.
But my spirit was willing.

He prayed for me.
The most tremendous prayer.
He told me to "Believe.. and don't accept anything but my healing."

And peace came over me..
Right in the midst of my busy life.
My soul found calm in the middle of this harsh.. rocky.. tiring storm.
He is truly faithful to me.

A series of miracles followed..

Leaving church, I noticed my wedding ring was loose on my finger.
I haven't been able to take it off without force since I had my Jonah...
the swelling has been so awful in my body.
The ring slid right off my finger..
I held it in my palm.

The headaches have stopped.

My eyes have cleared..

The cold sweats have stopped.

I felt tremendously better.

Then, last Sunday, I woke up with the most overwhelming pain in my legs..
Also one of my previous symptoms.
I couldn't walk.. the ache was so great.
I pleaded for my complete deliverance.
I called for prayer.

I layed in my bed and watched the clock.
The pain was too great to sleep... and I couldn't stand.
I watched the clock tick by..

10:25 AM
10:31 AM
10:42 AM

I watched the hands hit.. 10:45 AM
..And the pain INSTANTLY ceased.
I mean... GONE.

I sat up..
Too shocked for words and felt my legs to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

No pain.

As soon as I was sure church was over.. I called my Mom..

On the phone I said..
"MOM! You aren't gonna believe this..
God touched me.. I KNOW it!
I was watching the clock and my pain instantly was gone!"

Mom said, "What time?"


She took a breath and said..
"That would have been exactly when we all were praying for you."

I nearly dropped the phone... and all I could do was feel the
hot tears streaming down my cheeks..
My Lord Jesus hadn't left me..
He is so faithful..
My complete healing was on the way.

..And that's for anyone who is struggling with a sickness.
Our Lord heals.
And complete deliverance is right up to road.

Two days ago,
I had extensive labs done.
If masses of proteins showed up..
They would have to act.

I walked into that Doctor's office..
Completely different.
I wasn't believing for my healing anymore.
I was thanking God for it.

Thank you Lord, I know my body is well.

That was on Wednesday,
I got my final results back today.

In the words of the nurse...
"..Your tests look GREAT! The kidneys were functioning well and there is NO increased protein."

I serve a powerful almighty God.

..and I wanted to share my story. share my healing.
..and to thank you all for the answered prayers.

Every word He's promised, is true.
What I thought was impossible..
I see my God do.
He's faithful.
Faithful to me.


  1. Glory be to God! I mentioned your name to Ben yesterday and was telling him the trial you've been going through, but with faith and unending belief in healing I'm so grateful to God that your healing has come and victory is yours! I'm praying for you and your boys! Love you!

  2. Hi,
    I don't know you, but I've come on your site a few times from Maria's. I always think you pictures are so cute! I just wanted to let you know that this post really blessed me. My dad is going throught a huge trial batelling a lot of health issue right now and this was just what I needed to read. The song really touched me! Thanks!

    God bless you,
    A sister in Christ,
    Rebecca Holsapple

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