Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A prayer request...

I don't think there is a day go by..
that I don't look at our precious boy...
And thank our Lord Jesus for a miracle.

Tonight my heart was truly touched..
I usually keep up with several children..
and tonight while reading..
I scanned across something..

A sign on a friends blog.

"Pray for Jonah"

Instantly clicked on it.. and read the story of yet another "Jonah"..
My heart poured out for this family..
A child seriously in need of prayer.

His mother writes..

Jonah, who was born with an extremely rare genetic skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Jonah is now at home after 32 long days in the NICU uncertain of his future. He has been diagnosed with Junctional EB, which can have a good long-term prognosis or can be lethal in the first year of life. The experts are fairly confident Jonah has the less severe form, although the biopsies were inconclusive. He faces a life of painful blisters, hair, nail, and major teeth issues, as well as the possibility of respiratory involvement. Jonah is literally point five in a million. We suspect EB is the cause of Gabe's death. We know that no matter what happens with Jonah, God will be glorified. We can't wait to see Gabe in Heaven and can't wait for Jonah to meet his big brother a long, long, long time from now after he's old and gray and lived a long, full life. Please pray for a miracle for Jonah. We are.

Dear friends, if you have a moment in your day.
Please pray for this Jonah, too.
Our God is still a healer!

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