Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One great pee-nano lesson...

For Aunt Janna & Zoe.

I'm so incredibly thankful to my baby cousin Betsy today for
helping me out with the little guy!
..she was an awesome babysitter!

I watched in awe as I dashed around getting all of my stuff done..
So relieved to not have Jonah's chubby hands up at me like..
"Hold me, please."

...and seriously guys, who on earth could resist that face.

Probably not this Mommy.


The most amusing part of today was Jonah's "piano lesson".
I completely was cracking up!

Betsy, who is a most talented musician..
swooped down to a 10 month old's level.

It was WAY adorable.

He sang/yelled/flapped his arms like a duck/banged on his little tykes piano along with her as she played happily.
They were one entertaining team!

So, of course, I had to bust in on the fun and take some quick snaps.
Here's what I got...

Bless his heart... Jonah loves music.
Can't imagine where he got that from.

Thanks Betsy for the pee-nano lesson.
Thanks Lovie for his oh-so-awesome piano.


  1. Awww.....memories are priceless...keep playing that pee-ano Jonah...precious thing!!! Aunt Mitt

  2. what a cute little pee-nano.



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