Thursday, August 20, 2009

this and that..

Thank you all for so patiently waiting on me to..
once again..
ya know..


My life has been so incredibly busy.
I need many many many more hours in the day.


But, I'm managing.

I'm sure all of you busy Moms all know exactly how it is.

My mornings have been busy running.
My nights too busy being tired and just plain sleeping.

Sadly my blog has been put on the back burner.
But not any more.

OK! Here's some NEWS!

Jonah is now...
Waving Bye bye.
Saying Baba, Mama, DaDa..
Shaking his head "NO NO NO" (at everyone.)
Standing up holding on to everything.
Scooting everywhere.
And growing like a WEED.

Our newest thing is we ask him ..

..then I sing this crazy loud sounding "ONEEE!!!".. holding up one finger.

heh heh.

Don't sit there and think I'm crazy.
If you're single.. just wait.
And if you already have kids... you probably do goofy stuff too.

Well, he hasn't got the "finger up" part.. but he does try to mock me..
Instead of a super loud song-like "ONEEE!!"...he screams "AHHHHHHHHHH!" with his mouth hanging wide open along with me.

It would be adorable except...
He looks like he's in serious pain.

He isn't .. of course.

Hilarious isn't it.

I can just see him at his big birthday bash coming up... about to blow out his candles.. and suddenly some old lady is like..

"How old is JONAHH?????"

and from the top of his lungs we'll all hear a terrifying..


good job Gen.

..they'll probably all think he's on fire.

ha ha ha.. oh well.

Kids are so stinkin' cute.

Makes you want to have at least a dozen.
If they would all stay eight months forever.

So tonight,

I was checking out some of my single/younger/less-responsible pictures.


...I've decided no matter how skinny I was.
No matter where I traveled.
How carefree or "la te dah" my days were.
No matter how many less gray hairs I had sprouting up.
Or how many designer purses I carried instead of a wiggly baby.


Life is by far greater.

My two boys make me more happy than anything in this world.
I've learned that a two teeth grin steals your very heart.
Forget traveling, I love quiet mornings.
And who cares about Coach bags... diaper bags are way more awesome.

he hehee..

Life isn't what you have.
It's what you make it.

Today is a gift.

I'm SO thankful..
For my health.
For my family.
For the love that surrounds me on the day-to-day.

Lord, Thank you for bringing me this far.
Thank you for an opportunity to make each day count.
Thank you for letting us laugh and remember the past.. but be glad for the upcoming future.
Thank you for the battles.. they've made me a better & stronger person.
Thank you for giving me joy. A very heartfelt joy.

Being happy isn't easy.
But it's a choice.

Put a smile on your face.
We are BLESSED today.


  1. My little grandbaby just started walking! yay. We are so incredibly blessed in the Harvey family. Thanks for the blog! God bless you. Becky Harvey

  2. Thanks for reminding us we're blessed.

  3. My son just started school.. he's a big senior this year. Can't believe how fast time flies. Nancy

  4. The story about Jonah is SO FUNNY! I can see him doing that. Love, Annalisa (NI)

  5. glad blogging isn't on the backburner any more. I'm an aunt now and i'm so excited. i'm so blessed by the blog. thanks again.



  7. Very nice babe. Jonah has really come alive lately. You are a wonderful writer. Love you. Jeremy

  8. wow, i just know you from facebook and your blog, and i think you're an awesome mother and person! Thanks for sharing your blog with us, i enjoy it so much.


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