Monday, August 31, 2009

Two teeth. :)

So tonight..

Jonah splish splashed in the tubby.
I pulled him out..
wrapped him up..
stuck a diaper on him..
put his nighty shirt on..
and he looked so stinkin' cute...

I took a picture.

Tell me those aren't the two cutiest little toofies you've ever seen!

It's simply amazing how fast he's grown.
Our God is TRULY rich in mercy.
Seems like only yesterday..
We were so excited to see progress in him.
Ounce by ounce.
Step by step.

His tiny life was our biggest challenge.
Back then, we didn't realize the joy ahead.
Didn't realize how many smiles he'd bring.
Didn't realize how much we'd love someone so small.

Sitting in that hospital.. we didn't have a clue.
How could we have known he'd be the sunshine in our days!

Watching him grow.. is a miracle.

Friends without kids,
Two teeth may seem SO minor.
But for us.. they're priceless.

..and that smile.
Is so worth it all.

So.. Make tonight count.
Be happy.
Count your blessings instead of sheep.
Take a bubble bath.
Put on your favorite sleep shirt.
And show off your teeth.

you know..
Jonah did.


  1. So cute Gen! He's a doll.

  2. He is just so adorable!!! That last picture where he is really grinning just made my cute and just precious...!!!! Love you guys!!! :-)

  3. Love his smile! :) You can tell he's used to the camera....kinda like a certain lil boy I know! ;)

  4. Awww... It's so cute when THEY are just as proud as their little teefies! hehe

  5. Oops, you know that last comment was from Elly right? Andrew would never say "teefies".... Haha :)

  6. Elly, haha.. you never know.. When you and Andrew have your own little ones.. he just might say teefies!! :)

  7. girl, he's so funny! look at those teeth! Love you guys.

  8. SOOO CUTE!!!!!! Love it! Yet captured a wonderful little memory here! BRAVO!~Aunt Missy

  9. Why does he have to be so stinkin cute? lol ~ Daddy


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