Wednesday, September 2, 2009

this and that..

"A smile starts on the lips,
A grin spreads to the eyes
A chuckle comes from the belly;
But a good laugh bursts forth from the soul,
overflows and bubbles all around."
-Carolyn Birmingham

That.. has to be one of my
favorite pictures.
Mostly because,
On September 25th of last year...
That very same ring fit around our Jonah-boy's wrist.

So yes.
Our God is a great .. great God.
We're about to have a ONE YEAR birthday for a
very chunky, absolutely heart grabbing, huge smiling (see below post)..
little miracle kid.
yep, I'm proud.
I'll admit it.

Sometimes, I get all wrapped up in words.
I think its just my nature..

I'm one of these weird.. color adoring..
Webster grabbing.. word appreciating ..kinda girls.
I heard my baby cousin Sari saying what she wants to be when she's
"all grown up" the other day.
Brought back happy memories to me.
At age 7..
I had decided I would become a writer..
I'd move to Europe..
Have my own gondola...
...I'd buy typewriter, write stories and drink plenty of coffee.
Because all well known writers most defiantly drank coffee.
....Or they did in the mind of a very funny little seven year old.

Speaking of writing..
Thank you all for the beautiful e-mails I've received about the blog..
AND the comments.
I love them.
I keep meaning to thank you.. so here it is!
THANKS to my dear readers/friends.
I don't know so many of you.. I'm SO glad you enjoy the read & pictures..
Goodnight all!


  1. SO sweet.. Congrats jonah on turning ONE! :) -Sara

  2. Your welcome Genesis! Keep bloggin!

  3. LOVE the song! Beautiful!

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