Monday, April 5, 2010

"Uncle Donnie"...

Dear Friends...

I come to each and every one of you tonight...
With an urgent and most desperate need.

But first,
A story to help you understand...

Lets take my life back to a little girl..
Back then, His name was "Uncle Donnie"...
I believe he is around 6' 6"...
And to a tiny little kid... He was truly such a gentle giant man.
Although we are different colors.
In the eyes of a great Lord Jesus, we are exactly the same.

He always was so kind.. and we could always count
on crunchy peppermints from him after service.

Uncle Donnie has quite the testimony..
As a young man, sin had taken over his life..
But because of the Almighty,
He had an experience with a LIVING God
and became one of the most amazing Christians I had ever met.
He overcame drugs, worldliness and the devil lost a TREMENDOUS battle.

He has been a part of our family for many years..
He became the son my grandfather never had..
He held me as an infant..
And he holds our little Jonah.


I'm proud to call him my brother and my friend.

He met his wife Lestine.. and had two beautiful children..
Although different in height.. He and Lestine make an awesome couple.

Bro. Donnie, as I call him now, is what I would like to call a
complete "PRAYER WARRIOR".
His existance speaks for itself.

He has always set a testimony before my life.

I sing, at church, I'm sure quite a few of you aren't aware of that..
But, I still see him.. sitting at the end of the row as I'd pass by after each song..
Hand up.. and we'd hit hands..
Almost as to say,

I'll be honest, writing this... my face is streaming with tears..
not with fear and doubt..
But, with genuine faith for this dedicated soldier.

Six months ago..
He was diagnosed with colon cancer..
The doctors called it "aggressive"...
and gave him six months to live.

Today, I visited him in the hospital...
The doctors say the cancer has spread throughout his body and to his brain.
Although weak in body,
Victory is STILL in the camp.

Tonight, kneeling before the throne of a POWERFUL and ALMIGHTY God..
I know that our Lord has healing in His hands.

The doctors give no hope.

But, just as Daniel was thrown in a Lions den..
Just as Paul & Silas prayed and sang deep in a prison...
Just as Moses stood before an imparted sea..


Faith is angels holding hungry lions back..
Faith is breaking the bars of a desolate jail..
Faith is seeing the red sea parted...

...and LIVING to tell about it.

Although tonight the very thought of hope seems so incredibly dim...
I almost wanted to lift Bro. Donnie's arm,
hit hands..
and say..

..I KNOW my Redeemer still lives.

April 6th, 2010
at.. 12:00 PM

I ask you to hold him up in prayer
with us..

When prayer is all that's left...
I ask that you take a moment in your busy day..

May you be.. so BLESSED.



  1. I am crying at this precious blog...I am and will not give up believing on our precious Brother in the Lord...Bro Donnie...what a awesome Testimony he has and is living...last night seeing his precious family being there for him ....our God is such an Awesome God...He is working I just believe He is... will be lifting up my prayers with you at noon ...We love you Bro Donnie and your family...Kent & Missy

  2. I am honored to call Bro. Donnie my borther in the Lord and my friend. Since he gave his life to the Lord, we have been close friends. I so appreciate his testimony by his living it. I have not ceased to hold up before our Precious Lord Jesus for his complete deliverance. We will join in prayer at noon today for him and his family.

  3. Praying...we also had an "odopted Uncle" so I know what you are feeling. Will be praying!!

  4. I don't remember meeting Bro. Donnie, but he is my brother in Christ, so I will be holding him and his family in prayer. Our God is more than able to deliver him. You can feel the love and concern you have for him in this blog and request of prayers. God bless you! Waiting to hear the good report!

  5. Oh Genesis ~ as I write this comment, with tears rolling down my face - the memories I have of Bro. Donnie just roll through my mind from when I was a child - him lifting us up and swinging us around after church - with those "treats" in his pocket! And yet still, even after all he's been through, he still lifts me up! What a gift you have - thanks for this post - we are lifting Bro. Donnie and his family up and thanking God for what he's already done in his life!
    Love ~ Tiffanie

  6. Bro Donnie, one of the few father figures in my life, growing up in the church, him bringing me out to a concrete job or two,taking us fishing, getting a good talkin to also now and then.....we love you Bro Donnie, the Lord is great in your life and will have the victory. Thank you Genesis for this work you have started on here. Praise be our God.
    Rives Jackson

  7. Genesis,
    I send my prayers for this brother's family, and for his friends such as yourself. I never met Bro. Donnie on this side of life, but I believe I will hereafter. However, this story brings back many memories for me. I can empathize.
    In 2005, my mother was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, adenocarcinoma, an extremely aggressive type. She too was a prayer warrior, a soldier of the cross, an overall wonderful woman. The doctor said she had 3-6 months to live, but we were holding on to the Word, trusting for her healing.
    The cancer spread to her liver and one lung, and eventually her blood as well. After a massive surgery, a trying time of care at home, chemotherapy treatments, and eventually being taken to hospice, she amazed the doctors. She went home from hospice, not once, but twice. She was determined that her Lord would heal her.
    He did. On October 8, 2005, he called her home. Although some would say that she lost the battle with cancer, she didn't, for she received her ULTIMATE healing. Never again to worry, to fret, to hurt, to suffer. Oh death where is thy victory? Oh grave where is thy sting? He has swallowed them up in victory!
    I'm sorry this is so lengthy, this story just struck such a special place in my heart! Our God is truly wonderful and His ways are so far beyond our understanding!


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