Saturday, May 23, 2015

The heart remembers...

The days rolls by.

The seasons change.

We put one foot in front of the other after loss.

We breathe in...   we breathe out.

We put our best foot forward.

Then the sun starts to slowly shine again.

We feel the wind.

We begin to notice the flowers...  the birds... the sky.

We start to mend. 

But, the heart is a funny thing...  

Tonight, at the grocery store..  I pushed my hair back as I unloaded my cart at the register. It had been a crazy day...   Did I get what all I needed? I did a quick double check...   

That's when I saw him.

His white hair was perfectly combed.  His back was bent and his eyes were tired. His little pants were neatly starched and his dress shirt was attractively tucked beneath a sport coat.  His hands were wrinkled and his voice was kind. He fumbled with his wallet ... which I noticed was filled with pictures. He sweetly asked the cashier if she could assist him with the debit card machine. 

Then, he turned to me...   He said, "Young lady, I'm so sorry to take so long..  I sure hope you'll be patient with me."

He didn't realize the lump that had formed in my throat...   I told him he was completely fine...   and suddenly the busyness of the day didn't matter so much anymore. Just like time stopped for a few minutes...   and my heart remembered.

I couldn't explain to him how much he reminded me of my grandfather.

I couldn't explain to him how much those people in his wallet would miss him someday.

I couldn't explain to him how much I would have liked to turn back the clock for just a few minutes.

So instead, We talked..    We laughed about how neither one of us could keep up with our keys...    I helped him gather his bags...   He grinned and said how nice it had been..

I agreed and waved goodbye.

He never told me his name and I never told him mine.

But, I was thankful that at the tired and crazy end of today...    The Lord allowed a gentle reminder, giving me a little glimpse of someone I love in heaven, while still here on earth.

Take a moment.    Especially on this Memorial Day Weekend.

Remember those who have died for cause.

There are many different kinds of Soldiers.
Many different kinds of battles.

Hug your loved ones.
Make memories that will last forever.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! Miss my sweet grandfather every day! What a day of rejoicing that will be, when our loved ones we shall see.


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