Friday, June 12, 2015

We have a Great Pyrenees.
Actually, it's Portia.   But, after she became part of our family...  She was Porti.
She is huge.
Literally a gentle giant.
And she has taught me one of the most important life lessons..

The simple fact that it isn't defined by color. It isn't defined by DNA.  It's isn't defined by race. It's a bond between individuals. It's a pure & genuine love.

It's God-given.
She wasn't with us long...  when I realized even though she was "Jonah's Dog"... She was my girl.
We face a house of guys together.
 She helps me look after my boys.
Together we keep up with them.

When the days are long and I'm tired...   She sits beside me.  She never talks.  She never gives me advice.  But, she listens. 

Simplicity is the most beautiful part of  kindred hearts.
A listener is a treasure.

She has a beautiful coat.  She always offers a paw to hold.

She loves sunshine.
Porti doesn't have answers for me.  She doesn't even try.  :) 
But, she does love our long walks.
 She does enjoy playing with a soccer ball in the front yard.
She does love to roll in tall grass.
She's too stubborn to sit when I ask and she likes to stand on her hind legs - Even though I tell her all the time not too.
Most of the time she gets my clothes filthy from those big bulky paws.
But, she's precious to me.
She's protective of my Jonah.
I love that.
Sometimes, I think she thinks we're sheep.
Friends are like that - they look after us.
Nudge us to put our best foot forward.
I believe Jesus puts people in our lives...
and in our case..   He has given us the sweetest pet.
She's added tender moments of joy to our days.
Thank you Lord for the little things..
and for this very big dog.

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