Friday, October 9, 2015

Prayers for our Precious...

“I knew you before I formed you in your Mother’s womb,
before you were born… I set you apart.”


Seven years ago…    I peered into a preemie's hospital bed behind glass where my precious 2 lb 9 oz. baby boy slept..   I watched the monitor beep through the night with his vitals and kept my eyes on his tiny chest ...rise and fall… rise and fall…

How could someone so tiny.   Be such a beautiful BIG miracle.

I have loved every single day of being his Mama.

As all of you probably know…
I’m a believer in seeing the beauty of the hard things.
I believe in giving God supreme glory in situations.

Faith is trusting.

When we pray for rain…  We should prepare for rain.

So, I’d like to catch you up on our journey…

It’s been laid heavily on our heart,
That somewhere out there...
There is a child.
That we’ve probably never met.
A little person that’s completely meant for our family.

The burden is heavy…

But, the peace given by Jesus is light.

As children of the great Almighty.
We were adopted.
We were chosen.
We are loved.
A few doors have been opened to us already…
I ask you, my sweet friends, that you will remember us when you pray.

We are opening up our hearts… 
Praying, believing & hoping
.. for a second miracle.
Our God is so incredibly good.


  1. He will give you the desire of your hearts! I am believing with ya'll.


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