Monday, July 27, 2015

Learning to Rest...

The summer seems to have flown by. 

Literally, It feels like we've just
slammed that last textbook of the year shut - and yet here we are.

Brand new day.
Brand new season.

And life doesn't slow down.  I find myself rubbing tired eyes and being reminded of the reason on which I base my life.

Thought I'd share a little bit of my heart today -

The anxiety around us.. all of us...   is overwhelming.
From every direction.

I am so incredibly thankful for a loving God -
that hears each little insignificant need I bring before him..

I feel beyond blessed to know that as his vast arms cradle the universe -
that he has time for each prayer.

Lord, my heart is heavy because...
Lord, you see this situation...
Lord, you know this is out of my control...
Lord, help me..
Lord, strengthen me because...

I seem to fill in those blanks - what seems daily.

The nation around us is shaken...    It's a Godless age.

But, deep in the darkness...    Little candles shine.
Their flames quiver..    But, they burn.  
They burn on.

They project little specks of hope through the storms.

"A peace that passeth all understanding" ...  has taken on new meaning to me.

I am truly humbled that such a big God is waiting with loving arms..  Waiting for us to turn to him.
It literally brings tears to my eyes - just the very realization of how gracious He is.

Thank you Lord - for not leaving us. Thank you Lord - for walking with us.

Sweet Moms, As we start this upcoming school year - Keep your littles wrapped in prayer. HE is the author. HE holds our lives.

Breath His great name - He is our rest. He is our strength.

As you are buying school supplies...
or preparing lesson plans...     Keep His word close. 
Keep it as frontlets before their eyes... 

Be blessed today.   And rest.

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